We’re in India!

We’re staying in the foothills of the Himalayas studying with legendary Iyengar teachers Rajiv and Swati Chanchani. We’ll be back and fired up for classes starting at the beginning of September!

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One Response to We’re in India!

  1. Jo Thirsk says:

    Dear Sinan
    I am not sure you will remember me..I used to attend Glennis Shepherds classes in Greenwich at the same time as you and Aiden…
    Anyway I have been living in Turkey for 5 yrs now and have been practising mostly by myself and attending classes in UK during summer…
    I am really interested in attending a class sometime at your Institute in Istanbul..Please could u let me know if that would be OK and the address website etc…I live in Konya and would try to get to classes whenever possible because it is so far. However I really want to try to attend some Iyengar yoga classes because there is nothing only the odd general yoga class in Konya…Not what I am looking for….
    I”d really appreciate your help and I really hope I can get to meet you guys and attend a class at your Institute..
    Thanks from Jo Thirsk